Transportation and sedatives for cats

It is better to agree on the possibility and necessity of using sedative drugs for each particular pet with the observing veterinarian. Like people, cats might also have individual intolerances and contraindications. In addition, the psyche of each animal has a different degree of lability.
Doctors and animal psychologists consider the following situations sufficient reason to give a sedative:
— leaving the house and moving on any type of transport

— change of residence or pet’s boarding

— visiting guests or a new family member in the house

— neurosis of unclear etiology which is presented by obsessive conditions such as prolonged licking, scratching, overeating, hyperactivity or frequent yawning

— when grooming if combing, cutting, washing and drying takes a long time or if the pet is nervous during grooming

— for the period of participation in exhibitions. A large crowd of people, other animals, obsessive attention — all this can negatively affect your well-being
— herbal homeopathic remedies of prolonged action
The veterinarian will tell you specifically what kind of drug is suitable for your pet.

In our turn we will do our best to minimize the pet’s worries while transporting.
When can you give a sedative to animals?
There are two types of sedatives for cats:
They contain extracts of soothing herbs. They carefully relieve stress from the nervous system, act on a cumulative basis, it means they achieve the greatest effect after a few days of regular use.
— medicines in pills and injection
They act instantly but they have a number of side effects and are not always safe.
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