Choosing a pet carrier

Reliable carrying is an essential part of traveling with animals?

We definitely say "YES"!
In order to avoid unpleasant surprises during traveling, you should choose the right box for your pet in which it will feel comfortable and calm.
— carrying bag
Our specialists will help you choose a box that is perfectly suitable for your pet and meets all the requirements of the airline. Do not waste your precious time — trust professionals.
There are many types of carriers. Now let’s take a look at two types:
It is excellent for transporting animals in the cabin: it does not take up much space and is significantly light in weight. Bags are made of soft fabric or artificial leather. It is better to choose a frame bag with plastic-reinforced stitches and a hard bottom.
— plastic box
Plastic containers are convenient and spacious. The animal has the ability to move and take a comfortable position. The animal feels protected in it.
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