Why are Brachycephalic breeds not allowed to take on board the aircraft?

We would like to tell you about the reasons why most airlines ban the carriage of breeds with a flattened muzzle.
Brachycephalic breeds are also very susceptible to stress, to various physical and emotional stresses. As a result representatives of these breeds often experience suffocation in flight. Air carriers are advised to send such animals by any mode of transport except for air.

The brachycephalic breeds are popular nowadays. They include pets that have a short and pronounced flattened nose, a shortened facial part of the skull, a short pharynx and shortened airways.
— breathing problems due to sudden changes in pressure
— there are pressure surges in the air
— fluctuations in body temperature
— pugs
— english bulldogs
— french bulldogs
— pikenesses
— boxers
— sharpei
— bulldogs
— Dogue de Bordeaux
— shih tzu, etc.
We would like to note that these restrictions are entirely dictated by the concern for animals that have poor health.

Knowing these rules, plan your trip in advance by choosing the mode of transport that will be perfect for you and your dog breed.
The most important reasons for the restriction are:
The strict restriction on air travel applies to brachycephalic individuals such as:
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